Designjet Maintenance


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Designjet Maintenance

Have you noticed your plotter / Designjet  workload ability has decreased? Or the printer’s ability to work at peak performance for long periods at a time becomes reduced? Worried that your investment to your machine’s longevity will decline?

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If these are some things you are experiencing with your machine or are concerned with what could occur then there’s a good chance you are not having a regular plotter or DesignJet maintenance or service performed on your machine. It is highly recommended that you ensure the machine receives a regular Designjet Maintenance and service call outs on a regular basis by a trained technician. The benefits from this procedure include the machines overall longevity staying at maximum, the workload in which the printer can handle on a day to day basis increases along with the printers ability to work at peak performance for long periods at a time to have all of those important deadlines met. Most of the time within companies the machine is quite often the workhorse for the company, A lot of companies make large investments into these machines, therefore to ensure the longevity of the investment and to keep the machine working at peak performance a regular DesignJet maintenance should be performed. How often the procedure needs to be performed depends on the printer itself, how much work it’s taking on, on a day to day basis along with average monthly workloads. The regular service can vary depending on monthly usages, and can vary from three, six and twelve month’s regular service.

Plotech are leaders in the industry, they provide friendly, informative and prompt servicing and replies to all customers. After all to the entire team here at Plotech every customer is of the utmost importance and it is our team’s main priority to ensure each customer’s printing needs and wants are met with the most efficient and prompt manner. Our technicians are here to perform all of your plotter and DesignJet maintenance and service call outs, they are also here to resolve and repair any of your breakdowns which occur. Our customer service team are at the ready to answer all of your questions and/or queries you may have; they also book in and arrange to order all consumables which you may require.  Our entire team are here to ensure all customers printing needs and requirements are resolved as quickly as possible.

All customers are of the utmost importance and are our team’s priority. Therefore we do not lock any customer into any form of contract which often can leave the customer to feel obliged to use our services. Rather all customers are not set up on contractual basis; they are all within our client database on a purely non-contractual basis. This leaves the customer in control of when they decide to book in their repairs; their DesignJet maintenance and service call outs, even though it is highly recommended to be performed on a regular basis the decision is left to the customer. As our customers are not set up on a contractual basis they are never inflicted with any hidden costs or have any monthly fees.

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