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DesignJet Service

Looking for a company to perform all of your plotter and DesignJet service, repairs and maintenance needs with absolutely no contracts, competitive rates, professional service along with the leaders in the industry?

Then you need to call Plotech on 1300 881 292.

Plotech are the leaders in the industry for all plotter and Wide format printer repairing, servicing and maintenance call outs along with providing all customers with any consumables and printer needs in which they may require. Our team are entirely dedicated to ensuring that all and every customer’s printing needs are met with prompt, reliable, informative and friendly service. Our customer service team are here to assist you with any questions and/or queries you may have regarding your DesignJet service, repairs, maintenance call outs information of various forms of consumables, our team are basically here to assist you with every question and/or query you have! Our technicians all meet the requirements and are fully trained and recognised in the industry as some of the best technicians.

For great service, skilled technicians and a helpful customer service team call Plotech today on 1300 881 292.

When deciphering on how often you require your plotter, wide format printer or DesignJet service to be performed you need to assess how much workload your printer is producing over a daily to weekly basis, some printers can require a service to be performed on a monthly basis, every 3 months, every 6 months even up to yearly, this all depends on how much your printer is being used. If you are unsure how often your printer should be serviced, our customer service team are more than happy to assist you with relevant information and give you a rough guide.  It is highly recommended from all manufacturers that all wide format printers, plotters and DesignJets receive a regular service and maintenance performed on a regular basis. Having a regular service performed on your machine will increase the machines longevity, workload ability and overall ability to work at peak performance for long periods at a time to ensure all of those deadlines are met. Therefore when a DesignJet service, maintenance or repairs are delayed for a period of time the machines longevity, workload ability and peak performance are depleted severely, your investment into the machine deteriorates dramatically. Therefore it is both economical for yourself and your company along with beneficial to your machine to ensure that there is a regular DesignJet service, maintenance and repair call out performed on a regular basis by a trained technician.

Plotech always have and always will only hire technicians who are willing to completed all of the necessary training and keep on attending training as this ensures that they are kept up to date on all of the wide format printers, plotters and DesignJets on how to perform service, maintenance call outs and new and more efficient ways to perform repairs on machines. Our technicians are prompt, reliable and have friendly nature towards all of our customers. They are more than happy to assist you with any questions and/or queries you may have.

Call Plotech today for the best technicians and a same day plotter and DesignJet service on 1300 881 292.