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HP Repair

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Loom no further! Plotech the leaders in the industry with over 10 years experience can offer all our customers a fast and efficient same day* onsite service. Plotech understands that in many businesses their workhorse of the company is their plotter, wide format printer or HP DesignJet which is why our team aim to have a technician onsite the same day as your call for callers who call prior to 10am, to perform the HP repair. As every customer to our team are just as equally important we will do our very best to have a technician onsite the same day as your call, no matter what time you call. Sometimes we will do our absolute best but still cannot have a technician onsite the same day therefore we will have our skilled technician to you the very next business day to perform a HP Repair on your plotter or DesignJet.

For same day service call Plotech on 1300 881 292.

All of Plotech’s technicians go through training on a regular basis to be up to date with the latest models HP have introduced to the market and to improve their knowledge and skills. The continuous training is a benefit not only to our customers but also to our technicians with a 95% success rate of having solved your HP repair the very first visit. Our technicians do not turn up to your business empty handed; we carry all common parts in our vehicles which may need replacing due to general wear and tear of the machine.

Plotech customers are not set up on any unwanted contracts that charge monthly fees for absolutely nothing, when you know for a fact that your plotter or DesignJet isn’t breaking down every month. We can organise with you a routine or regular maintenance to be carried out on your plotter or DesignJet on a three, six or twelve month basis depending on the work load of your machine. With the regular maintenance carried out and in place it will prevent any future and major HP repair bills.   Call Plotech and speak with one of our team members to discuss or organise a service today on your plotter or DesignJet. Call today on 1300 881 292.

As HP is the leaders in printers, plotters and DesignJets, you would want a company who is experienced and familiar with all HP models. That explains why so many businesses and government agencies are returning to have their HP repair and services carried out by Plotech. The know with Plotech their business and their machine is in the right experienced hand having all repairs carried out with efficiency and promptness; that’s why some HP machines from time to time need repairing with their heavy workloads they carry out for many businesses, to keep your HP printer performing and lasting for the longest time possible it is very important for all repairs and issues be identified and fixed immediately. If a HP repair is left for a period of time it can cause continuous issues with the machine which will result in a greater repair bill.

Call Plotech today on 1300 881 292 to organise a skilled and experienced technician to be ‘onsite’ and carry out your HP repair urgently!!