Plotter Maintenance


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Plotter Maintenance

All Plotter machines require regular maintenance for optimum performance and longevity. Plotech are the leaders in the industry with technicians who specialise in plotter maintenance on all brands. Call 1300 881 292 for all your maintenance queries and questions.

Plotter maintenance can be a tricky procedure and should only be done by professionals; Plotech have professional technicians who know exactly what they are doing when performing plotter maintenance. All of our technicians have been through and continue to receive extensive training to be the best and have all knowledge when carrying out plotter maintenance. Our technicians take the best care for your plotter as they know exactly what to do and when, after all you don’t want someone doing plotter maintenance when they don’t know what to do!

Our customer service team have all been trained and have the knowledge to book you plotter in for its routine plotter maintenance. With state of the art technology and information they are more than capable to help answer or solve any queries you may have regarding your plotter. When our customer service team are answering questions they ensure that they explain the problem or give the customer information with the least amount of industry jargon and also in the simplest form. Call 1300 881 292 to speak with one of our friendly customer service team members.

When calling to book your plotter maintenance you won’t be waiting days or even weeks on end for a technician to come out and perform the plotter maintenance. Plotech aim to have a technician onsite the same day as your call, for callers prior to 10am there is a much higher chance for the technician to be onsite the same day. This doesn’t mean that callers after 10am are of less importance to our team, each and every customer is of the same importance to our team. This is why our team will still do their utmost best to have a technician onsite the same day as your call. When our team are unable to have a technician onsite the same day as your call our team will arrange for a technician to come out onsite to your plotter to perform the plotter maintenance. Sometimes you may only realise until a bit later in the day that your plotter requires a routine maintenance.

In many cases the plotter is the workhorse of the company, Plotech understand the need of urgency, which is why our technicians have a small response time and carry all common parts which may need replacing due to general wear and tear. Throughout the plotters life it works to meet deadlines and productivity, so there can be a need for some part replacements due to heavy workloads etc.

Call our customer service team today to book your plotter maintenance with one of our skilled technicians on 1300 881 292.