Plotter Repairs


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Plotter Repairs

Has your business made an investment with a plotter?

Worried about the cost for plotter repairs?

Plotech offer excellent rates with a guaranteed warranty! Plotech understand the investment your company made into the plotter, which is why here at Plotech we don’t charge unnecessary prices or have any hidden costs!

All of our technicians have been through and continue to receive extensive training to be able to perform any Plotter repairs needed.  Our technicians continue to attend the best and most educational training which will ensure their plotter repairs are up to date and are being performed with the best methods, when our technicians attend the extra training they are updated on all of the latest models which are introduced into the market.  Our technicians don’t turn up to fix your plotter repairs empty hand; they all carry common parts which can cause the need for repairs due to general wear and tear.

Our customer service team have been through training to help you as much as they can when they answer all of your questions and or queries. They have up to date technology and information to help answer any queries or questions with the most information containing the least amount of jargon and ensuring that all answers are as simple as possible. Call 1300 881 292 today to book in you plotter repairs with Plotech.

Plotter repairs need to be done as soon as they are detected. Many repairs which are left can cause more problems than it’s worth, and often comes at a cost as well. The best way to keep your plotter working and performing for the longest time possible is by getting the plotter repairs done as soon as they are found! The urgency of plotter repairs is high, therefore here at Plotech we have aim to have a technician onsite the same day as your call, for callers prior to 10am. This does not and will not mean that customers who call after 10am are of less importance, each and every customer is of the same importance to our team. For each and every customer, no matter what time they call our team will do their absolute best to have a technician onsite the same day as their call. There can be times when we are unable to have a technician onsite the same day to perform your plotter repairs, in this situation our team will arrange to have a technician onsite the very next working business day to perform all of your plotter repairs.

Plotter repairs can be costly which is why at Plotech we do not charge an arm and a leg for plotter repairs. Call 1300 881 292 to discuss how much your plotter will be to repair.

For a hassle free, reputable and reliable service technician and company, call Plotech today on 1300 881 292 one of our friendly customer service team members are on standby awaiting your call.